Since March 2011 Flubit has been my core focus and core project. I set up the company on November 5th 2010. The 4/5 months in-between were taken up with finishing the business plan and raising money. 

Since the very start i've generated a video and text diary. I was more active at the beginning, but I still keep it up when I can. 

I'm not sure where i'll use this diary, but I find it interesting scrolling through and seeing how my thought processes have changed over time. 

As of the end of 2013 I've managed to record:

45 videos (about 6 hours worth of footage)
638 text entries (75,000 words)

I've also been taking hundreds photos of the entire journey on my iphone.

I find this video really interesting.. This is my first video.. at the very start, when Flubit was just an idea...

In November 2010 I began my Flubit journey. I had no idea if it would get beyond this step... I decided to blog it. This is the first of many videos and text entries from day 1.