I met Dan Shirley at Uni. I worked with him on Roanoke, created BSDS Productions, and a number of other projects. He then joined me at MWS Media towards the end of my time there. 

Upon leaving MWS he joined me at Flubit for a short time period, unfortunately we couldn't find a position together that Flubit needed and would also allow Dan to demonstrate his awesome skill-set of creativity.

Video was very much on his mind, and it's not easy just to step away completely. With my previous media company choosing to move in their own independent direction, we (including my co-founder Adel) decided SmartEye would be an great way to go next. 

SmartEye started with a 65k investment into the company, and then Flubit required a suite of videos to launch us. Dan built a team, and the company now works with major marketing agencies and companies. Like any company its had its ups and downs, staff leaving, staff joining... but it's great to be part of an active media company again.

Here's a couple of the videos SmartEye made to launch Flubit, I really like them: