My education became a little muddled with my traveling around during my teenage years. 

I have straight A*s in GCSE from Bradfield College... which sounds great.
I actually only have one GCSE, in Maths, I took it a year early. 

My GCSE year I moved to America to study in High School. I went to Woodinville High School

Due to the education I'd received at Bradfield college I almost had enough credits to graduate high school when I arrived in America. For this reason, along with some core subjects (English namely) I took a number of extra-curriculum subjects. Band, TV Production, Drama.. to name a few. 

The year before I would graduate I had to move back to the UK. I had a choice of either dropping down a year and doing AS & A levels - or going straight to UNI. At this point I still only had one GCSE

Due to my portfolio of TV Production in America, London South Bank University gave me a chance. It was here I created Roanoke.

I graduated LSBU with a BA (Hons) 1st Class Degree in 2007.