Flubit WAS CREATED TO disrupT eCommerce. 

I wanted to do something that could make a real difference for everyone in the UK (and then beyond). We all buy online. Flubit takes the exact product you're about to buy and creates you a lower price. We create it, that's the key. The new, lower price will not exist before you Flubit. Before you buy it, Flubit

The power of hindsight

Flubit is made to be simple. We first ask you to find the best price for the product you want elsewhere (e.g. on Amazon), and then we create you a lower price. We know the price you're about to pay (incl postage), and will make it a bit cheaper. We won the European Web Summit competition for our disruptive power, we then signed a multi-million £ partnership with Barclays Bank. Flubit is free with no obligation to purchase.

The simple homepage. No searching, no browsing - just tell Flubit that URL of what you want to buy and we'll create a lower price for you. 

Wherever you are on the web, just use our browser extension and you can create that lower price with a click of a button. 

Some cool things about Flubit...


We've raised £8.5m ($12.5m) of investment. 

Investors have backed us. It gives us the ability to build incredible technology, and focus on sales.

1 in 3 people (~30%) buy OUR UNIQUE DEALS!

Our conversion rate is 10 times higher than the eCommerce average. It's addictive too. Demand & Buy on the things you want, for less. 

It's about pulling, not pushing.

We don't send out annoying e-mails. You tell us what you want, and only then do we give you a great offer. 

People love to talk about us...

We've been featured in so many places. ForbesYahoo, BBC, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, International Business Times, The Sun, Evening Standard, Money Saving Expert, The Next Web and so many more...

It's not just Flubit...

We also have WeFlubit for online sellers (merchants), and BeFlubit for partners to benefit from our technology. 


and here's our original promotional video...

MANY MANY MILLIONS of £££ bought from us. 

We save consumers £10s thousands a day.  

We have the power of hindsight!

We only create prices on our products AFTER you tell us how much you were about to pay anyway. Therefore our deals are fresh and relevant.

It's all private and bespoke

In more ways than one, our partnership with Barclays Bank sees us powering Barcalycard's Bespoke Offers proposition to MMs of users.

We have an amazing team. 

Along with my co-founder (Adel Louertatani), there's 70 of us (or there abouts) from over 20 different countries. It's so cool!  


WE divert sales away from amazon...

And give them to our hardworking British, tax paying, merchants. Just a nice little thing we do for the UK economy....


 why not try it out?